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Saturday, June 9, 2012


-Another Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror tale-


(Blackwater Falls State Park, Virginia)

The brightness of the solar silver moon

Cuts through the dark night with sharp ease,

Because the midnight blackness is so clear…

Eerie shadows hide the dark things revealed by the glowing moon!

Seen through the autumn crisp air,

And driven out into the open by the fading heat,

Night things began to bounce all about…

To put the creepy in the creepy crawlers.

Unfortunately, death stalks this dark place tonight!

The huge full moon brings out the vicious were-creatures.

They hide cowardly among humans during the day,

But thump their feral chests under the light of the full moon.

Tonight is the brightest night of the full moon season.

The nervous tension in the air affect all the scurrying dark creatures.

Nothing is safe when the were-creatures are about…

Except for those few creatures wise enough to own silver!

Humans can catch the glint of the night light reflected off polished metal,

If they peer into the darkness hard enough to focus the mystical.

But what is a human doing out in the open forest, at midnight,

Under the full moon anyway… exposed to deadly dark forces?

Oh, there is the answer to that silly question…

The transformation has begun as the dull edged human teeth

Just fell out of that transforming mouth to be replaced with wolf fangs.

Death… right there, transformed from man to rabid wolf-creature.

The Solar Silver Moon brings out the beast in all that is evil.

There are six more long hours of night left to cavort, or kill!

The evil will be done with in two days with the emergence of the crested moon…

And the frightened all wait in relative silence until the transformation brings back the softest flesh!