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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is the updated original long version of this Horrorwalker Travel Guide poem.

I decided to release the horror tale in its full length form... for your perusal.



(Harrisonburg, Virginia)

The deep dense Shenandoah Valley Forest provides wooded cover for...

Little known horrors and terrors and things that bump in the night.

Endless miles of ancient trails provide the byways of nocturnal movement.

There are spirits of the past lingering in these trees from long before white men's meddling.

Man, forest creatures and the spirits once lived in tentative symbiotic harmony.

Man respectfully took a little from the forest to sustain his life...

And the forest demanded its human sacrifices to maintain balance and order.

Native American culture was as ancient and pure as the early morning mist.

But in this modern time of anti-nature disrespectful hypocrites and heretics, 

Mankind has completely lost its true respect for the forest and other nature.

It was really only a matter of time before the natural order demanded restoration --

And that day has been decided as now... and man must pay for his destructive ways.

And so, on this dark October night under the midnight moon,

The shadow spirits of the ancient forest converged to release their sleeping avenger!

The time has come for a purging of the those without respect!

Their deaths will be violent and painful and bloody... and mercifully quick.

Something with huge canines and long claws, dark and feral, now howls at the midnight moon!

It is the supernatural spirit of vengeance made tangible now prowling the darkest night!

Its new purpose is to violently transforms from spirit to beast, its moonlight plight --

To rend and chew and kill 'till they are all exterminated... under the midnight moon!


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